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  Located in Old Metamora , convenient to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville. Built in the 1850’s, this bed and breakfast inn offers a delightful blend of yesterday’s charm and hospitality with today’s comforts and conveniences. After enjoying a relaxing night in a comfortable room and a leisurely breakfast, guests will want to set out to explore […]
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Clara’s Room
  Clara’s Room named after the mother of the origianl owner is the most comfortable room at the inn. I know this because nearly all of our guests that stay in the room are late for breakfast.   It’s seculuded location and its warmth in the winter time makes our guests want to snuggle up […]
Room Details and Amenities
Sonshine Room
.   You will feel like you are sleeping in a garden of beautiful flowers when you choose the Sonshine Room. Located in the back of the inn with immediate access to the back porch and the Breakfast Room, this room has become a favorite of the ladies. This very girly room is decorated in […]
Room Details and Amenities
Suite Retreat
 The Suite Retreat is a two bedroom unit on the second floor. This room is geared toward families or a girls night out. It also works well for groups of hunters, fishermen or golfers. The decorations are appealing to both men and women. Young people love this fifties decor with accents of animal print and […]
Room Details and Amenities
Anniversary Room
  Located in the front of the building with a view of the village, the Anniversary Room is the first choice for couples who are looking for a romantic weekend getaway. This room is tastefully decorated in vibrant colors of greens and reds with a Victorian flare. Two very comfortable reclining chairs are very inviting […]
Room Details and Amenities
Breakfast Room
  Another favorite room where you will be treated like royalty is the Breakfast Room. Again, this is an added ammenity for our overnight guest free of charge. A wonderful breakfast will be served to you that will create pleasant memories of the Metamora Inn. Jo is always searching for new and delicious dishes that […]
Room Details and Amenities

A Mountain Conquered

Mount Everest

In my last entry I spoke of watching The Biggest Loser on television. In that show, a lady was trying to finish a 5k walk. She was having such a hard time, but was determined to finish. She was the very last person to come in and a couple of the others went back and actually held her up so she could cross that line. She did finish! Good for her! It’s not about coming in first; it’s about finishing the race. When she crossed that line, she was overjoyed. She made a remark that went straight to my heart and soul. She said, “I made it! I could never even walk though a grocery store without using a cart”. She described me perfectly. For years I have not been able to walk any distance at all without holding on to my husband’s arm or taking a cart all the way from the parking lot and through the store.

I have a balance problem caused from Meniere ‘s Disease. It is a debilitating condition that can take over your life if you allow it to. It is not life threatening but it is a life changing disorder. Without notice, you may find the room spinning and you become totally helpless. It’s embarrassing and also very scary at times. This condition held me back from doing a lot of things that required walking or even driving. After years of living with this problem and just caving in without a fight, of course, my health suffered.

From the very beginning of this journey, I have struggled with this problem. It is particularly bad when the pollen is up. Allergies seem to play a part in it. My doctor has worked with me to find a solution by treating the allergies but there has not been a lot of research done concerning Meniere’s because it is not life threading. So, I decided to find myself a walking stick that I felt comfortable with. My son gave me one and that stick has been a blessing. I have seen walkers and hikers using a walking stick so I feel very good about using it.

Finishing Never Felt So Good

My husband, G.I. can’t walk long distances because of a back injury, but he is able to ride his bicycle. We decided we would ride/walk the Whitewater Trail all the way to the River View marker and back to cover the 3.1 miles required for a 5K walk. What a great time we had that day. He has been such a great support throughout this journey. He kept pushing me to keep going and not give up. When I wanted to give up, he would say, “Let’s just go a little further and see what’s around that next bend”. Somehow I would get my second wind and we would keep going. We reached that River View point and just sat down for a few minutes and looked out over the river bend. The water was low but it was crystal clear. I had never seen that part of the valley before.

I didn’t want to leave but it was going to rain and we had to head back home. When we were just about halfway back to the beginning, we passed a couple of daily trail walkers. We spoke briefly and I asked them how far we will have walked when we get back to where we started. One of them gave me a reasonable estimate of 3.5 miles. I yelled with delight, “Hey, that’s more than 5k!” I was feeling confident at this point that I could actually make it.

When I crossed that finish line that day, it was as though I had climbed a mountain. I told G.I. that I was glad he was with me. I hope he is with me to share all important times of my life. The most important thing is; I walked the entire 3.5 miles with G.I. beside me supporting me, but I was not holding on to his arm to keep from falling. I walked it on my own two feet. That was an awesome feeling! That day I felt as though I had ordered that mountain to move, and it did! As we were crossing the canal and heading to the parking area, the couple we had passed on the trail was coming back. They waved at me and yelled, “Great job, Jo!” That made me feel so proud and good inside. A few simple words of encouragement can indeed help Move Mountains!

Jo's Journal


  I received the ultimate compliment from a recent visitor from Atlanta, GA.  A gentleman who was part of a  gospel quartet  ,  loved my Hash Brown Casserole and stated at the breakfast table, ” When we all get to Heaven and sit down at that great banquet table with the Lord, this Hash Brown […]

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This was our third time staying in the Sonshine Room. It was wonderful. We have been treated like family everytime.

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I have never been to Metamora before and didn’t know what to expect, but this is wonderful, the room is beautiful. ( Sonshine Room) Can’t wait to see the shops!   Sandy, Denise, Elaine from Decatur, Indiana

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Jo, We always have an amazing time down here at Christmas with “the girls” and this time with our guys was just as fun.  We love the rooms, love the breakfast and love the Metamora hospitality!!   Erica and Brandon Granger

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Jo, thank you for your hospitality. The breakfast was delicious.  You did good!  We loved our room.  A small world-our being from Noblesville area and you being from Noblesville.  We sure enjoyed our visit with you.  Thanks again.   Kay Harris

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My friend Kay and I drove over from north of Indy for our special annual weekend.  We had such a  wonderful time and laughed like kids again.  Thanks for the hospitality and the homey “Sonshine Room”.  We loved it!   Shirley Delph

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G.I. and Jo, thank you so much for an awesome stay!  Beautiful room!  Enjoyed the most delicious breakfast ever for my birthday. Loved our conversation at breakfast! God gave you many wonderful gifts/talents. Your Christmas painting was out of this world beautiful!  Praying that God will give you the desires of your heart to have […]

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My family stays at The Metamora Inn every year and enjoy it very much. It is a clean, comfortable and beautiful place to stay. Jo is an amazing hostess and puts together some of the best breakfasts we’ve ever eaten. We give The Metamora Inn a big “thumbs up”! Bill Smith | Indiana

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I have been to Metamora twice and both times I stayed at the Metamora Inn. The rooms are lovely, comfortable and the owners Willie and G.I. are so sweet & friendly, it’s like visiting kin. Hope to see you soon!

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I highly recommend staying at the Metamora Inn. We went for our 25th anniversary…9 years ago….and have been back at least 20 times since!!! Jo and GI quickly became not just the Inn owners, but our wonderful friends. The food is wonderful but the love of life that these two share with all who stay […]

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